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Aquatic Clubs of Canada:

The Canadian Association of Aquarium ClubsThe Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs
Durham Region Aquarium SocietyOur aim is "the advancement and improvement of the aquarium hobbyist".
Brant Aquarium SocietyAquarium Club in Brantford, Ontario
Calgary Aquarium SocietyAquarium Club in Calgary, Alberta

Fishy Websites in Canada:

Canada PlecoDedicated to the discussion of Plecos in Canada
Canadian CrayfishDedicated to the discussion of Crayfish in Canada

Fishy Retail in Canada:

Big Al'sRetail Chain Across Canada and the US
Menagerie Pet ShopThe Menagerie has been a fixture on Parliament Street for well over three decades
Delta GuppiesRaising Guppies can be a great pastime.

Useful Manufacturer Sites:

AlgoneNatural filtration product
All-Glass AquariumsQuality glass aquariums, hoods and stands
Aquarium PharmaceuticalsWide range of aquarium products and accessories
Aquatic Reef SystemsAquatic Reef Systems sells reverse osmosis systems for fish tanks
EheimAquarium filters, pumps and accessories
Hagen (Fluval)Wide range of aquarium products
KentAquarium additives and water purification
Marineland Aquarium ProductsAquarium filtration and other products
Python ProductsThe Python no-spill water change system and accessories
SeachemAquarium additives and accessories
TetraWide range of aquarium and pond products
WardleyFish foods and accessories